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Left Astray

Left Astray is a hardcore punk band with members hailing from the Inland Empire and Greater Los Angeles areas. They play a style of dark hardcore that draws its influence from crust, d-beat and screamo. The band was formed in 2012 and has completed numerous tours. They have released a one-sided 12" titled Confines as well as a 7" titled Don't Look for Me. The band continues to be active and is currently writing for a full length release.

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La Bella

La Bella is an emotive hardcore band from the greater part of Los Angeles County. They have been active since 2011, having released a demo, a live recording and a 7" EP titled Recomposition. The band has completed several tours, including a number of west coast excursions as well as a full U.S. trek. In 2015 they began recording a full length, titled Ides, which is being released as a 12".

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VRIL is a chaotic screamo band from Los Angeles. They released their debut full-length Predispositional and 7” EP No Traditions in 2015. VRIL continues to be one of the most active bands in Southern California and are currently working on their second full-length.

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