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News - 8.7.16

Left Astray and La Bella participated in a show to help raise funds for the I.W.W.'s bail fund being used to free jailed black lives matter militants. Here are two videos from that show:

News - 7.6.16

We have shirts. Two sided print, black on white. Pick them up in the store!

News - 5.24.16

Hey sorry for the lack of updates, we'll be making sure to post here more frequently. First off, thank you to everyone who ordered La Bella's Ides LP and put up with the delays in shipping.

In more Sombras news, we got the test presses in for VRIL's No Traditions 7". They've been approved for pressing and the final project should be in by the end of June along with VRIL shirts added to the webstore.

Left Astray and La Bella will be playing together at Bridgetown DIY, with Entry (members of Touche Amore) and Haarm this Memorial Day on May 30th.

La Bella has also been planning a tour this summer to promote their album and will be hitting the southwest, Pacific Northwest and west coast in June. Dates and cities in the flier below.

News - 2.11.16

There's been a slight delay on the shipping for La Bella's Ides LP's. They will ship no later than the 20th of this month. Thank you for your patience!!

News - 1.20.16

First, it should be said that Sombras is a new d.i.y. label based out Southern California. Like many small d.i.y. labels, our intention is to use the resources at our disposal to help in the production of work by our close friends. You can read more about the label on our about page.

>> La Bella - Ides Release

The first major project that the label has taken on is the release of La Bella's 12" Ides. It's been more than three years since La Bella's last release, during which time the band wrote and re-wrote the songs that appear on this record. In summer of 2015 the band recorded these songs at the Bay Area's Atomic Garden. The record has now been completed and will ship in the first week of February. This pressing includes two color ways: 100 on clear vinyl with blue splatter and 400 on black. The record also includes a 24 page insert booklet with a screen printed cover. You can buy the record here on our site and listen to it here.

>> Vril - No Traditions 7" Treatment

Further down the road, we're looking forward to releasing a 7" of Vril's recently released No Traditions EP. Vril continues to be one of the most active bands in Southern California, having played upwards of 100 shows in 2015 alone.